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LEGO Great Ball Contraption

Lots of LEGOs to make a giant Rube Goldberg style machine--what could be better? :-)

LEGO Great Ball Contraption

Slit-scan video

Want to see something really weird? Take a look at this!

Slit-scan photography used to be a mechanical process, but this one is generated by software. Wonderfully weird stuff!

Page turning Rube Goldberg machine

I love how the machine uses many normal looking parts of the reader's environment. The trained Guinea Pig is great too. :-)

Check out the site of kinetic artist Joseph Herscher for more!

Awesome ferrofluid art

This thing looks totally bizarre, but really cool. Just what we like here on Random Weirdness. :) Somehow makes you think you're watching an alien life form, but no, this is real. It uses powerful electromagnets in a bath of magnetic liquid to make these dancing spirals.

Simon's Cat

Some YouTube gems. Just awesome how the artist managed to reproduce the behavior and movements of a cat in such a recognizable way! I am sure every cat owner will crack up watching these. :)

Simon's Cat in 'Cat Man Do'

Simon's Cat in 'Let Me In!'

There are more of them on the Simon's Cat channel on YouTube !

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