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They ate WHAT?

Is this modern art? No, it is a snake that was hungry and decided that a couple of light bulbs looked very tasty!

Image shows x-ray of a snake that swallowed two light bulbs.
Would you like some tasty light bulbs?

It is amazing what animals will eat. It is even more amazing what they will eat and still survive. To find out how many golf balls and rocks fit in a dog, take a look at this HousePetMagazine.com page called "They ate what!" . You'll also find out where to look the next time a steak knife goes missing...

Getting bored with your daily commute? Try this!

Getting from point A to point B would become a whole lot more interesting if this guy would have his way. What you see here is the GEN H-4, the worlds smallest one-man helicopter. For 'just' $29000 and 30-40 hours of spare time (some assembly is required), this thing will get you in the air for about 30 minutes, at speeds up to 90 km/h (56 mph) and as high as a kilometer (about half a mile). The faint of heart need not apply.

GEN H-4 personal helicopter during desert testing
GEN H-4 personal helicopter

Yes, this thing is for real. This movie shows it in operation. I just wish the pilot would actually show off the speed and height this thing can reach instead of mozying around...

GEN H-4 personal helicopter in action

Footprint of bigfoot spotted

Photo shows an aerial view of an enormous footprint on the beach, about the size of 11 football fields.
Bigfoot on the beach?

This enormous footprint on the beach, about 11 football fields in size, is not a footprint of a mythical creature after all. Instead, it might be the footprint of you or me or any person in the developed world for that matter. It was plowed on the beach in Zeebrugge (Belgium) to give people an idea of their "ecological footprint". This is a representation of the earth surface needed per year for a person to eat, drink, warm their house, drive their car, dump their trash, etc. More info on this subject can be found on Wikipedia.

Whether this is an accurate estimate of our effect on the planet continues to be a matter of debate, but nobody can claim this publicity stunt didn't provide a neat picture. :)

Slit-scan video

Want to see something really weird? Take a look at this!

Slit-scan photography used to be a mechanical process, but this one is generated by software. Wonderfully weird stuff!

Page turning Rube Goldberg machine

I love how the machine uses many normal looking parts of the reader's environment. The trained Guinea Pig is great too. :-)

Check out the site of kinetic artist Joseph Herscher for more!

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