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What you see is NOT what you get

I've been waiting for someone to do a comparison like this.

The picture shows the big, juicy and tasty looking ad for a whopper next to the flat, gooey, sad reality.
The ad whopper versus the sad whopper

There are many more images comparing fast food ads with their real counterparts where I found this one. Be sure to check them out!

Weird traffic sign

This must be one of the weirdest traffic signs ever.

The sign shows a weight limit of 12 tons, but under the main sign there are 12 small signs with exceptions.
Weird road sign with 12 instructions in Gdansk

This sign in Gdansk, Poland, sets a 12 ton load limit to cross a bridge, except... well there are twelve different exceptions to this, including farm vehicles can cross no matter how much they weigh and the same is true for vehicles of a local firm. The sign has caused considerable confusion and has brought traffic to a halt as truckers have been trying to figure out if they were allowed to cross or not.

Ceci n'est pas une spirale

This must be one of the most convincing optical illusion I have ever seen.

The image shows an optical illusion that has concentric circles with checker-board patterns between them.  The arrangement makes it look as if the circles make a spiral where in fact they are not.
Ceci n'est pas une spirale

Don't know where it originally came from, I found this optical illusion that looks like a spiral on Make's website . They also show a version traced by lines to help convince you that this really is NOT a spiral. :)

Unappetizing dietary supplement

The picture shows a store shelf with bottles of St. John's Wort extract, but the label on the shelf reads St. John's WART extract.
St. John's WART extract... yuck!

I don't care if he was a saint, I still don't want to ingest any extracts from his warts! :)

Really weird clouds

Sometimes reality is weirder than fiction. This is one of those cases.
If a painter would ever paint clouds this weird, everyone would think he had lost his mind or wonder what he had been drinking... and how much. Yet here they are, for real.

The picture shows a perfectly straight and uniform roll cloud which looks like a straight pipe in the sky stretching to the horizon.
Who put that big pipe in the sky?

The picture shows clouds over a cityscape that look like whipped cream was smeared across the sky.
Who has been smearing whipped cream in the sky?

The picture shows a cloud cover with bulges hanging out as if big drops of cloud are about to ooze out.
The clouds are oozing down!

Here is the awesome collection of weird clouds where I found these, there are many more there! Worth seeing!

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